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Thanks, Ronna.
And thank you again for all your beautiful work -- we're looking at picture now and the close-ups look great! I'll definitely hang onto your info for future shoots and visits to LA! 



Hey Ronna,


You gave me the BEST manicure of my life on a job a few weeks ago. Seriously, I loved how you took care of my hands and have really appreciated how my nails and cuticles have responded since. 

I usually go to my nail salon every 2 weeks (because by that time my hands are in terrible shape - as you saw when you began my manicure!). I haven’t had to get one since you took care of me, which was just about 2 weeks ago - and my nails are in much better shape now than they usually are at the 2 week mark!

All in all - I'd like to thank you for the care you showed me. 

My hands and I appreciate it very much!



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